Introducing the Intergalactic Extreme Sportswear Logo.

The Coyote-Six logo was created in the winter of 1984 by a young teenager on Planet Earth in his high school art business class. Little did he know that Coyote-Six had singled him out to create a picture of himself. Nobody knows the true origin of Coyote-Six, but it seems to have a strong interest in extreme sports athletes. As a kid in the 1970s, Keith did some pretty extreme stunts. These included getting into a shopping cart and being pushed down a steep hill on an asphalt road. He also did some more conventional skateboarding and bicycle jumping stunts. He had no fear. Today, he wouldn’t even think about doing these kinds of stunts. However, he still admires the courage of the athletes that continue to perform these amazing stunts and looks fondly back on the exciting times he used to have.

Coyote-Six is a multi-dimensional being. Its main goal is to liberate different souls throughout the universe who are stuck in a cycle of being controlled and manipulated. He targets extreme athletes because of their unique style and fearlessness. Coyote-Six can travel through time and space. This allows him to appear in many places simultaneously. He also speaks through drones that are designed to look like him, just like in the Coyote-Six cartoon.
There are planets where extreme sports rule and on some of these planets, extreme sports have equal or even better revenues than the major sports in our world today. They feature high-tech stadiums where competitors from all over the galaxy come to compete. People have had vivid dreams of these large stadiums with large floating jumbo screens hovering above them and over half a million occupants inside. These were actually parallel or past-life dreams that people had of these worlds. They were even showing great recall and familiarity with an environment they’ve never seen before.


In today’s world, you will see many sportswear logos. Some of them are creative. Mostly, however, are just a name with a picture backed by investors and advertising. Coyote-Six is different. The letters and the design work as a unit. This allows designers to create apparel that stands out by using the logo as a key design feature. For example, with one piece of our women’s sportswear, the Coyote-Six logo is split into two parts across the shorts and bra. You can’t do that effectively with normal brand logos. After reviewing the top 32 sportswear logos in the world, none of them does this. This is what makes Coyote-Six so unique. The only limit is the imagination of designers to create something that looks truly out of this world. This approach embodied what an EXTREME SPORTS LOGO is all about. It’s about being unique and stepping outside the box, just like the athletes that wear the clothing. With its streamlined appearance and unique design potential, Coyote-Six deserves its spot among the other brands. As you can see, it is one of the most creative sportswear logos ever designed for the apparel industry.


Coyote-Six is a creative art design that causes curiosity and fascination among people who see it. The logo transcends age and appeals to anyone with a sense of imagination and creativity. This means it is loved not only by adults but also by kids as well.
Kids are very visual by nature. They are drawn to what we might call ‘eye candy’. With the unique and memorable design alongside a bold, animalistic visual, the logo resonates well with kids. Particularly their spirit of adventure and embodying their ‘wild’ side.
It’s time to be more creative in sportswear logos for the next generation. Coyote-Six can lead the way to deliver the next generation of EXTREME SPORTS lovers with a brand they can call their own. A brand that is truly and literally out of this world!

Coming Soon to Planet Earth 🌏

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